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Safe & Effective  for pain management in your own home, school or clinic setting. For demonstration only, Prescription required to purchase.   

Experience the healing effect of the biomagnetic pair which results in less pain and unexpected health benefits.

A gentle natural manual therapy that relaxes the muscles and calms your emotions, allowing the body to re-adjust to its natural state of well-being.



For healing to happen, the body needs to shift from sympathetic (fight/ flight mode) to parasympathetic (rest / relax, mode).  In order for this to take place the body needs time and space to literally unwind and "digest" physical and emotional stress. 

Holistic Choices offers services that facilitate these positive shifts without drugs, knives, needles or invasive mechanical devices.

IAre YOU ready to experience life in a healthier, happier way?  Then come participate in re-connecting with your health and well being!  It is up to YOU to take the first step!

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Infrared Sauna

Holistic ChoicesWellness Center

Bowtech Bodywork

Families are waking up to the fact that conventional medicine is sick care. While sick care is a blessing for life threatening disease and emergencies, it is not so great for health improvement or routine and chronic conditions. For these the typical antidote offered is  the same as for emergencies and that  is drugs and surgery.  Families are speaking out in a big way by choosing less drugs and more natural alternatives, a better way, a safer and healthier way!
The almighty bestowed upon mankind all things natural, whether food or medicine, whether the laying of hands, whether counsel or prayer or whether another remedy not contrary to the Word.  He gave these things to heal the suffering; He gave them as divine tools for His workers.

 Excerpt from  The Pastoral Medical Association Constitution

Transcutaneous Acupunture

Weight Loss
Pain & injury relief
Skin Care
Stress Reduction
Health Maintenance

The application of essential oils to specific points to facilitate healing.

Holistic Choices Wellness Center

2434 S. 7th St.  Abilene, Texas 79605


 Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit, one is able to overcome the stress-pain cycle and achieve well being.